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I had planned on posting to LJ but can't get it to load... wonder if they're under (yet) another DDOS attack?

Anyway... We got our tax return today which means that I can finally pay off the lab bills that I've been contesting and that have gone to collection because of it. I'm so infuriated by the ethical and legal violations practiced by the collection agency - Amcol Systems - that I'm hoping I can just pay the lab directly and just say to hell with my protest over the amount. It's higher than it should have been because they failed to submit the claim to my insurance in the required amount of time. The claim was for $150 but in reality the insurance would only have paid maybe $60 of it... "reasonable and customary" my ass! Anyway, it's not enough to continue fighting over. I just want it paid but after Amcol Systems decided that it was appropriate to harangue my husband over the bill (they shouldn't have discussed it with him at all since his name isn't on the bill, it wasn't lab work done for him and he's not the one who has the insurance!!!) violating my right to privacy where the bill is concerned and then followed that bit of unethical behavior up with 2 weeks of nuisance calls - no, not talking calling every day to argue with me about it, I'm talking about calling 3 to 4 times a day, letting the phone ring once or twice and hanging up, never responding when we answered before it stopped ringing which isn't an attempt to collect a debt, it is pure and simple harassment which is illegal, I am not feeling like rewarding Amcol Systems by paying them. (How's that for a run on sentence? ~_^) Anyway, it will be wonderful to finally have this paid off and done with.
The tax return will also allow us to take hubby's mom out to dinner for Mother's Day and allow me to finally pick up some new summer weight slacks which I'm sorely in need of. Actually, it will let us take care of several things that need to be dealt with as long as we don't get too crazy with spending.
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