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Jun. 16th, 2011 12:11 pm
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I've spent most of this morning getting the laptop I'm using configured for my sites and the way I like to use the internet. I'm slowly learning patience as I deal with the amount of time it takes to access everything with this low powered computer. Most places were easy to add. I had to change my password here but that was no real problem. Remembering the answer to the first security question that I had to answer to log into my prescription site was not fun. I tried every variation I could think of for my elementary school and it wouldn't accept any of them, finally booting me and advising I call the customer support number. Lots of waiting to get a service rep only to find out that they number listed for website customer support was actually only for prescription coverage support. While holding waiting for the correct support number to pick up on the transfer, I gave it one more try and got a different security question which I had no problem with so I'm now set up on this computer for my prescriptions. *whew*

Setting up this computer to access my credit union account and my library account was easy. Easy security question at the CU (thank god they didn't ask for zodiac sign since we've never been able to get that one right... it doesn't like hubby's for some reason and I don't think we used mine.) I'm even sort of getting used to the keyboard. I'm getting much faster and more accurate on it even though it isn't a full size one like I'm used to and I do miss the numeric key pad! If I have to use this one for much longer, I'll have to see if it will accept my new keyboard and my scrolling mouse. The wireless mouse I'm using is nice but the scrolling function stopped working.... confusing.  
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