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And today has been one of those days! First we're talking about going camping out at his cousin's farm and I ask if we should take the small reading light that I picked up for when we're out at camp. His response... "Well, I guess it depends on if we can buy a generator by then." What generator???  O_o  Uh, at every place Mary Lee pointed out as a good place to pitch our tent she made sure to mention where the nearest outside electical outlet was since she knows I use a CPap! We have absolutely NO NEED for a generator to camp out there!

Next, after telling me that the truck is overheating he starts talking about asking the neighbor behind us how much he wants to replace the gasket that we know is faulty. I ask if he knows what the guy's experience is... "Well, he's always working on his car!" Yeah, that's a great recommendation! (Uh, no, just no!) Could it be the reason he's always working on it is that he doesn't get it right??? For something like this, I'd rather pay more and take it into the dealer (who does really good work for a fairly reasonable price) and know it's done properly the first time since this gasket is in a hard to reach place requiring the removal of a lot of other parts! Now his idea of replacing the thermostat to see if that will help isn't that bad an idea since it's a $6-$12 part and he can do the work himself. It might not help but it won't hurt and doesn't cost that much.

Not done yet... Seems that in addition to having cats in the garage, he now says we have at least one raccoon in there too. So he calls to see how much it would cost to have someone come out and trap it. Over a hundred dollars... not gonna happen. Then he wants to buy a live trap, which would be just as likely to trap the kittens as the raccoon. His way of dealing with it if it is the kittens, take them to Animal Control! NO NO NO!!! We don't have a no kill shelter in this area and they are too darn cute to condemn to death! As for the raccoon, even if we get rid of this one, there are others in the area and we'll probably just end up with another one. The thing that needs to be done is to critter proof the garage! There are too many gaping holes that they can enter the garage through. Close up the holes, shoo the critters out, problem solved! No need to spend money we can't afford on traps that would probaly be ineffective anyway! 

On the good side, I started the day with a kitten sighting. I opened the upstairs back door and the same gray and white kitten that I found up there early this spring was up on the porch again. As soon as she saw me she made a dash back down them so I couldn't pick her up and drag her in the house again! *giggle* not that I would... she's old enough and big enough now to manage the stairs on her own, unlike the first time she was up there.

Note: I'm trying to work up the nerve to log back on to LJ with this computer so I can post responses there but I'm very uneasy about this after having my computer knocked out of commission by a virus picked up there and I'm not really sure I trust the security software on this laptop to be up for the task...

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Date: 2011-06-23 05:33 am (UTC)
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Yep, you just reinforced my happiness with being 'single' and not having to worry about convincing the hubby to not waste money on unneeded repairs and such. Please forgive me for laughing, but your husband sort of reminds me of Tim Allen's character from "Home Improvement".

As for trapping the kittens, it would be a great idea if there is a no-cost spay and neuter program for stray cats anywhere within a reasonable drive. Something to check into to insure you don't get more kittens next year as well.

As for replying on LJ, you could just close off replies there and just link all of your future posts to your Dreamwidth account and have people click the link at the bottom of the LJ post to get to the post here to reply. I gave up on LJ a bit ago and just post here and have all of my replies here, with just a reading post on LJ with the link to the original post on Dreamwidth.


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