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Technically the weekend isn't any longer but we are going to be away from home for an additional 2 days. My daugher called this afternoon to ask if we would be able to babysit Tuesday and Wednesday. We, of course, said yes. Bryce is sick again and can't go to daycare. Every time Jenn works in the nursery at their church Bryce ends up getting sick. She's finally decided that enough is enough and is going to tell them she can't do it anymore. It obviously isn't a healthy place and she can't keep risking her son's health.

Since we are spending Sunday and Monday night out at our cousin's farm (Yay! Horses!) and Jenn and Jeff's home is on our way back home, we'll just be packing up early on Tuesday (say, around 6 am) so we can make it to the kid's no later than 7:30, when Jenn needs to leave for work. Rather than heading home after Jeff gets off work at 3:30pm Tuesday, we agreed that it made more sense for us just to stay the night and save an extra round trip out there. We're going to have our air bed and bedding with us anyway and Emily had really wanted us to stay another night the last time we babysat for them so we'll just have to pack twice as many clothes, more reading material and a couple movies (I would really love to watch Avatar on their huge screen TV and Emily has requested The Incredibles)  and bring Scot's laptop after all so he can do his schoolwork. Maybe Jenn will even be able to take some time Tuesday evening to tutor him a bit on his algebra. (She's not just good at it, she LOVES algebra and she's always been very good at tutoring too.) I'm still trying to work out if I can manage to carry enough of my morning and evening meds in my pill minder without having to put both in the same compartment. I had really wanted to find a double one (14 compartments) but wasn't able to find one that wasn't ridiculously overpriced. Guess I'll just have to pick up a second one if we're going to have more of these multiple days away from home. (not likely since Scot can't be without internet for more than a day... the holiday being the exception since they aren't expected to do any schoolwork on the 4th anyway) Anyway, it should be interesting. Might even be fun as long as Bryce is on the mend by then. Hopefully he'll be feeling a bit better by Tuesday.

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Date: 2011-07-01 07:30 pm (UTC)
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As for the pill minder, you might try your local Dollar Tree or similar store to see if they have either a larger pill minder (they often carry them) or check in the crafts section to see if they've got the bead trays with 14 compartments, or even two with seven compartments. If all else fails, check in Wally World or Michaels in their craft department in the beading section.

I hope you guys have a great trip and have lots of fun! And be safe. *hugs*

Edit to amend that I meant covered bead trays, not the open ones. Tea hasn't taken effect and woken me up yet, I need another cup!
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