Nov. 7th, 2010 10:41 am
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Got this from [personal profile] sulien who gave me the letter M. This proved to be a bit of a challenge...

1. favorite film
2. favorite book
3. favorite word

1. Favorite Film:
I went through the list of movies that I like starting with the letter M. (The) Matrix? No, I like it but not enough to call it a favorite. Same for (The) Mummy. I'm a big Jackie Chan fan so (The) Medalion came to mind. I finally realize that my favorite "M" movie is My Neighbor Totoro, a wonderful, magical children's movie from Studio Ghibli! If I were to try to describe the movie, it wouldn't sound like much plotwise but it is a truly amazing movie for children of all ages! (even those of MY age!) Besides, who wouldn't love to ride on the Cat Bus?

and of course, Totoro himself!

2. Favorite Book
This was another one where I considered and discarded a lot before settling on a favorite... or two favorites actually. Should I pick Terry Pratchett's Men At Arms, Mort or even Moving Pictures? Maybe Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures? Nope. I finally thought that I had settled on Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosiverse book Mirror Dance, a very intense entry in the series that gives so much insight into Miles' clone brother, Mark and what makes him what he is. (not to mention Miles getting killed, revived, amnesiac and everything else that happens). In the end I decided that my favorite is the followup book Memory in which Miles, trying to cover up (unsuccessfully) the seizures that are the result of his death and revival, loses everything that, in his mind, make him special. No more leading the Dendari Free Mercenaries or working undercover for ImpSec and the emperor. Add to that the inexplicable mental deterioration of Simon Illyan, head of ImpSec (and Miles boss before his unsuccessful coverup) and Miles suspicion that the deterioration isn't natural but the result of someone trying to destroy Illyan and subvert ImpSec. Lots of action, a good mystery and just enough romance to make it a very satisfying book.

3. Favorite Word:

This one was a bit easier!
Remember, remember the Fifth of November... Yeah, that would be my granddaughter's birthday. I have a horrible time remembering dates and without using mnemonics would probably forget the most important ones! Besides, it's just a fun word!
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