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Sorry that I haven't been around...
I'm feeling horribly down right now. Two deaths in the family. Shortly after hubby's brother passed away we received word that his dad was in the hospital. Before that day was out, he was gone. No way of going to the funeral since it was in Nevada and we'd spend more than we could really afford going to his brother's funeral only a month or so earlier. We knew that his dad's health wasn't good. We didn't know that he was in stage 4 lung cancer. Hubby's brothers are still not communitcating with him; fall out from the death of their brother. Probaly why we didn't know about his dad until the day he died.

As if the whole family thing wasn't bad enough, hubby is not doing well in his algebra class. It's very likely that he will fail the class and in doing so, lose his funding bringing his college career to a halt. This is why I had been opposed to his going with an online college. There is no real teaching going on! He is simply given the material and expected to teach himself. That may work for some classes and for some students but for hubby where algebra is concerned, it doesn't work at all. He's talked to his student advisor, gone to the algebra seminar at the local campus and tried to get help from his teacher but nothing works. There are fundamental elements that he is not grasping and simply doing the problems and getting the feedback of"yes,your answer is right' or "no,your answer is wrong" does not help him see where he's making the mistakes therefore he isn't learning! It's leaving him angry and depressed and reinforcing the feelings of worthlessness that he's been trying to overcome most of his life. (thanks to his "wonderful" mother who was both physically and emotionally abusive and who has done her best to show him over and over how useless she feels he is... the kicker being that she sees absolutely nothing wrong with her behaviour.)  It's taking a terrible toll on him and also on me. I can do only so much to help him feel good about himself. He feels like he's beating his head against a wall trying to learn algebra. I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall trying to help him see that he has worth and trying to help him past the negativity that has been so much a part of his life for far too long.

I'm going to stop now since I'm just depressing myself even more...


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